• Mar 11, 2016
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Behind The Design: Q&A with Kate Davidson

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Interior designer, Kate Davidson, takes us behind the scenes of the timeless, serene bedroom design, in the following Q & A with Beautiful Design Made Simple:  


What were your clients’ needs for this space?

A calming bedroom retreat that provides a warm and cozy feel to this large master bedroom space.

Were there any challenges designing this space?

Being such a large room and starting with a blank slate, we were careful to select key statement pieces that fit the scale of the room.  We did this with a large upholstered custom tufted bed, a gorgeous hand knotted rug, a pretty and strong bench for the floor of the bed and contrasting wood nightstands.

Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a bedroom?

When selecting furniture for your bedroom keep in mind the matching bedroom suite is a thing of the past.  Make your bed the focal point by selecting a bed that is a statement and does not need to match anything else in the room.  Upholstered beds give a soft and luxurious feel and are great at creating a statement.  A classic iron or wood sleigh bed are also nice but keep in mind to avoid matching your nightstands to your bed.  Having mismatched pieces will make for a more interesting and dynamic look.

How does the flooring play into your design?

The flooring throughout the home is a light maple.  I ensured the tones of the wood pieces in the master bedroom as well as the color palate we selected in the rug and upholstery was soft enough to compliment the light wood floors.  The hand knotted rug under the bed makes a statement in the room on the floor with soft tones of silver, blue and cream.

What makes this room functional? (hidden storage, convertible pieces, flow, etc.)

Comfort and luxury is what I keep in mind when designing a bedroom retreat.  Ensure you have a good mattress, bedding and linens, ones that give you the comfort and suit your needs.  The bedding is often what I use as the source of inspiration for the room.  Find or have bedding made that sets the tone for your room and dictates the color scheme.

Why did you choose these colors?

This color palate of blues, creams, and the olive and grey undertones in the wood furniture provides a warm neutral and contemporary palate for the space.  It does this in a way without being too masculine or feminine.

What is your favorite aspect of this room?

My client's and my favorite element in the room is the statement bed.  With it's gorgeous tufted headboard with a slight wing in the soft linen chenille like fabric.  Classic, contemporary and timeless.


About The Designer:

MH2GTNzYKate Davidson is the lead designer of Kate Davidson Design, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design firm offering interior design services for residential, corporate, retail, medical and educational spaces.

Kate's passion, talent and expertise have contributed to her success as one of Ontario's leading designers. Known for her sophisticated and contemporary interiors, she has a diverse background from high end residential interiors to modern commercial design, set design and fine art consulting.  This experience is the product of a dynamic range of projects from private residences to gourmet bakeries, and large scale corporate offices.

“I really try to connect with each client and project I work with. My goal is to not only create a beautiful environment but to create a functional space that will grow with my client’s needs for many years to come.”

To view more of Kate's work, visit her website at www.katedavidsondesign.com.


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